How To Extend the Life of Your Brother Toner Cartridge with Just a Masking Tape

Brother toner cartridge can be very expensive, sometimes exceeding the price of the printer itself. While replacing the cartridge is easier for businesses with readily available cash, ordinary people like college students find it hard to get a new replacement cartridge due to money problems. Fortunately, there are simple ways to extend the life of Brother toner cartridges to print more pages. One way is through the use of a masking tape. Find out how it is done.

Most Brother toner cartridges have two tiny “windows,” one on each side of the cartridge. These windows allow the printer to “see” if the toner is getting low.

toner cartridge window

By covering one of these windows with opaque tape (masking tape or electrical tape for instance), you can fool the printer into thinking there is more toner. Usually there is plenty more.

You will find similar windows in the drum unit. If you cover one of the drum unit windows with tape, you won’t have to tape the window on your toner cartridges.

When working with your drum unit (e.g. Brother DR350 drum), it is best to work in dim light to avoid damaging the drum. Brief exposure to ordinary indoor lighting is usually not damaging.

After taping the window, you may be able to print hundreds of extra pages. You will have to watch for print defects indicating a lack of toner (fading, streaking, etc.).

This tutorial is based on the movie by Lifeweaver LLC which you can watch here. This tutorial can also be helpful with some other brand of printer cartridges like Canon laser printer cartridges and Lexmark toner cartridges.


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